Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My reason for starting this blog is that among everyday life challenges, I'm also dealing with infertility. I often question WHY I have this particular struggle and thought maybe writing about it would bring some understanding of what the Universe is trying to teach me, or what I can learn from this. And just to share my experience with those in similar positions. Or with those who just like reading about other people's lives (voyeurs, you know who you are).

My short infertility history for those similarly struggling: I was married almost two years ago (to my beloved husband, K) and stopped taking the Pill shortly thereafter (after 11 years on it). I wasn't trying to get pregnant at that point, but thought I'd try using a diaphragm (ha ha ha). Well, my period never came back. I didn't have a period for a year and a half. At all. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago. I tried a bajillion natural things to get healthier, including acupunture, Chinese herbs, and taking metformin (yuck). Nothing seemed to be working, and the metformin was only making me feel nauseated so about 6 months ago I stopped everything and started seeing a naturopathic physician, who has me on a slew of vitamins and natural supplements. AND, my period returned. AND, I've even ovulated twice. My cycles are still long, but we do appear to be getting somewhere.

Since December, I've finally been under the care of a RE (reproductive endocrinologist). It look me a long time to feel ready for Western medicine and the whole fertility treatment roller coaster, but here we are. And now? Even more fun surprises. I had an HSG (NOT fun at all) and apparently one of my tubes may be blocked so today I'm meeting with a gyne surgeon to talk about laproscopic surgery. AND we have some male factor issues as well so K is off to the urologist. Good times.

That's where we are so far. Hello, blogosphere.