Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sitting Straight Up

The ultrasound was AMAZING. There is really a baby in there. One who was sitting up when we first got a look. The u/s tech laughed, and said that they don't see that very often. And then this baby curled into a little ball, making it very difficult to get all of the necessary measurements. But, oh, so incredibly cute to see those little hands right by the little feet.

Everything is perfect. Four chambers to the heart, two kidneys, everything measuring right on track, normal amniotic fluid levels, etc. We are thrilled.

And? It's a girl! Just as K had dreamed the other night. Just as my sister dreamed in the very beginning of the pregnancy. And just as I had been sensing over the past couple of weeks. We're going to have a daughter! We couldn't be more thrilled.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Belly Dancing

First, thanks for your advice about my calling M and H. I emailed H and apologized if I had come across as nosy and told her that they had been in my thoughts and I wanted her to know I was thinking about them. She emailed back and said it was okay, and that she would only start to get concerned if I was keeping track of her cycle on a calendar. So I think we're okay. I think next time, I will wait for them to bring it up, or send an email a few days later saying that I am thinking about them. That way, she can respond or not, but still know that I remember what they're going through.

Second, Women Use Belly Dancing, Other Techniques During Childbirth, Wall Street Journal Reports. Just in case you were wondering about this.

Meanwhile, I am anxiously awaiting our BIG ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. I hope, hope, hope everything is going okay in there. Please be healthy and growing, little baby.

I am also dying of a terrible cold, for which I can take nothing. Ugh! I seriously think I have sneezed approximately 67 times, and have used a half box of Kleenex. By day's end, it's sure to be empty. If I last all day at work, that is...

Anyway, will update you tomorrow on the u/s results!